reasons-for-solarA solar hot water system is something that everyone should install in their home. As we get more conscious about the environment and the impact that we have on our beautiful planet, we are all making changes to make our home more environmentally friendly.

These changes often have other benefits too, for example, they save us some cash in the process. This is certainly the case when it comes to the said hot water systems. So, with that being said, read on to discover more about why this is something you should have installed in your home.

What is a solar hot water system?

This is a solar energy system that utilises the sun to heat the hot water you have in your home. It works in the same manner that an electric solar system does in the sense that panels are used for the collection of solar energy. Nevertheless, these panels have a water-based fluid inside of them that carries the heat of the sun down to your hot water tank. The system will then transfer the heat, without mixing the fluids, into your supply of hot water. It does this using a device known as a heat exchanger. The colled fluid will go back into the panels so that more heat can be collected. You will then have emission-free hot water with the rest of the liquid, which you can use for washing your dishes, doing the laundry, and taking a shower.

5 benefits of solar hot water systems

Now that you have a good understanding of what the said hot water systems are, let’s take a look at five benefits associated with them.

  1. Protecting the environment – There is only one place to begin, and this is the fact that you will be making a dedicated effort in the fight against climate change. Did you know that heating water currently accounts for around 17 per cent of energy use in a typical home? That is a lot of tons of carbon that ends up in the atmosphere. Instead, you can lower your responsibility for carbon emissions and other greenhouse emissions by making the switch to a solar water heating system.
  2. Protect water quality – Power plants have been identified by the Natural Resources Defense Council as the primary source for toxic heavy metals like mercury being released into the environment each year. These substances represent a huge threat to the health of our lakes, streams, and rivers. They are also a big threat to human health. By investing in a solar water heating system, this is one step you can take to prevent mercury from contaminating water.
  3. Protect air quality – Another benefit associated with making the switch to a solar hot water system is that you will protect air quality. This is because a lot of homes utilise electricity to heat water. If you burn coal, Byproducts like particulates are released into the air, which causes air pollution. This contributes to a number of detrimental health and environmental effects. You will become part of a solution to these public health issues if you use solar power to heat your domestic water.
  4. Save money – As mentioned earlier, the environmental changes that we make to our homes tend to have financial benefits too, and this is definitely the case when it comes to solar water heater systems. They can supply up to 80 per cent of your hot water needs. This will mean that you are going to be making significant savings on your utility bills every month. These savings mean that the solar water system you have installed will quickly pay for itself. This is usually the case within a four to eight-year period. After this, you are essentially going to be in profit when you compare the money going out of your account then with now. This is especially the case when the average lifespan for these systems is 40 years.
  5. Boost the value of your home – Last but not least, there has been research that has shown that properties with solar hot water systems tend to sell at a higher price and at a quicker pace too. Therefore, this is another way that your system is going to end up paying for itself and potentially making you money too.

As you can see, there are many benefits that are associated with having the system installed in your home. If this is something you are yet to do, you should definitely discuss the prospect with an expert to find out more.