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Australia is the perfect country for homeowners who want to benefit from the perfect affordable, eco-friendly energy source – the sun. With the amount of sunshine Australia receives each year, taking advantage of its energy to heat your hot water is one of the smartest things that you can do. A King Solarman solar hot water heater gives you what you need to start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint right away.

We offer a range of solar hot water systems that help you benefit from the latest solar technologies. Our products include some of the top names in solar energy for reliable and efficient solutions. Choose from our selection of solar water heaters to start enjoying cost-effective and eco-friendly energy today.

Thermosiphon Roof-mounted Solar Hot Water Heater

Choose a roof-mounted solar tank system from King Solarman to save space, utilising the space on your roof instead of taking up valuable ground space. These simple systems offer the ultimate in efficiency and reliability, and they even look good. Our solar water heaters use the Thermosiphon principle to make use of the sun’s energy and heat your hot water. The principle is simple, based on the fact that dark objects absorb heat and that hot water rises.

All of our solar water systems use this principle, including the roof-mounted heaters. They have a surface designed for absorbing heat, using a coating that takes energy from the sun’s rays. This energy then heats the fluid in the system’s collectors, which rises into the tank. The hot water displaces the cooler water, which moves around to the bottom of the collectors so that it can be heated up.

This simple but effective way to heat up your hot water means that our solar hot water systems help you to save money on your energy bills. Reduce your reliance on other, more expensive and less environmentally-friendly energy sources, and benefit from a renewable solar energy resource instead. When you choose a King Solarman solar hot water system, you can improve performance with a booster from other energy sources, such as electricity or gas, so that you can guarantee hot water at any time, even on less sunny days.

Get in touch to find out more about how a King Solarman solar heater system can help you to make energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Call us for a free quote to find out how much you could be saving on your next energy bill and how you can benefit right away from installing a solar water heater.

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Split System Solar Hot Water Heater

If you are wary of installing a solar water heater somewhere visible or you’re unsure about where to put one, a split system solar water heater from King Solarman could be your answer. These systems offer a flexible way to install a solar water system in a variety of locations and benefit from a discrete installation if you want one. They have a low-profile design so that they don’t need to be obvious. We install the solar connectors on a roof, with the storage tank at ground level. This means that you can put the largest part of the system out of sight, and the visible part on the roof is less noticeable than other solar heater options. There is also the possibility of a model featuring an electric booster, which you can install inside your home. Start saving money without changing the exterior of your home too much with one of these heaters.

As well as an electric booster, you can also choose from other boosters for your King Solarman hot water heater. These also include in-line gas continuous flow boosting to provide you with hot water at all times, whatever the weather.

If you’re ready to enquire about how a split system hot water heater can help you save money, get in touch with us at King Solarman today. We can provide you with a free quote to help you understand the numbers and make your decision.

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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Whereas traditional solar water heaters take energy from the sun’s rays, a heat pump extracts heat from the air. This presents an alternative when using solar water heaters with solar connectors might not be appropriate. It could be that there is nowhere suitable to install the heater or that, although the climate is warm, there isn’t always enough sunshine. For example, if you have a north-facing roof, a solar water heater mounted on it won’t capture the sun’s rays as it needs to. Heat pumps provide a more efficient option in circumstances like these.

When you choose a heat pump, it uses the warmth from the air to convert the refrigerant in the system into a gas. This gas is compressed to create more heat to heat the water in the tank. Unlike a traditional roof-mounted solar setup, this system can work all day, with no need for the sun to be out, and all year too.

It’s simple to install a heat pump water heater. It can often be installed in the same area as an outdoor electric water heater, and it can then be connected to plumbing and electrical systems. If you want an option to replace an existing water heater and you’re looking for something eco-friendly and efficient, a heat pump hot water heater is an excellent choice. Like traditional hot water heaters, an added electric booster provides a failsafe to ensure you have constant hot water. It works in cold weather so that you’re not let down when you really need hot water.

Find out more about how a heat pump hot water system can help you and when it might be a better choice over a traditional solar heater by getting in touch with our team. We can help you to select the best system for your needs so that you can start saving money and using green energy as quickly as possible. Contact us for a quote on installation to get started.

Aestiva Split System

The Envirosun Split System

The Envirosun 300Ltr Thermosiphon System