Renewable energy is big business these days, and more and more people are looking for ideas to help them improve the way they use energy. There are plenty of great ways of going greener in your life, and one of the most effective is to get solar hot water systems installed. These are a great way of being able to enhance the home and help you to live a more energy-efficient way of life.

Solar hot water systems are a truly excellent way of being able to cut the costs of your energy bills, and they give you a great way of being more environmentally friendly. Sure, there will be an initial outlay of costs, but the money you are going to save long-term makes it well worth the cost. There are plenty of innovative things happening in the world of solar hot water systems, and you need to know as much as possible about this.

Solar Water Purifiers

How would you like to gain more water through energy-efficient means, and then on top of that, see the water purified right away as well?! Well, thanks to Stanford University and the DoE, this is coming closer to a reality. They have worked on the development of solar water purifiers; new devices that can be used to purify water. This comes in the form of a tiny tablet and is an exciting way of being able to take the world of solar water to the next level.

German Innovation

There are plenty of components to solar hot water systems that could be considered innovative, and one of the most impressive these days is the drainback solar hot water system invented by Geman company Wagner & Company. The innovation here is in the drainback loop, which helps to make the system more efficient, and allows it to work much better. The water is sent to the drainback tank at night when the sun goes down, and this prevents the collector fluid from overheating. This is a great way of making your solar water system more efficient, as well as ensuring it lasts as long as possible.

The Wagner SECUSOL

There are a lot of things that you need to make sure you get right when changing and altering a solar hot water system, and this is something that Wagner & Company have managed to do with the Wagner SECUSOL. It has the drainback design, but without a separate tank, and this makes it more efficient, as one component serves two separate functions. It’s easy to fit and offers rapid installation, as well as housing a backup heating element. The company hit the U.S. market back in 2010 and is looking to increase and expand in the coming years.

Kerr MacGregor’s Invention

Scottish inventor Kerr MacGregor is credited with innovation in the world of solar hot water systems, due to his design for a ‘freeze tolerant’ solar collector. Frozen pipes are a problem at the best of times, and can lead to burst water pipes and all sorts of other problems. This is the last thing you want to be dealing with when it comes to trying to implement solar hot water systems into your life. Having pipes that will not freeze over is essential, and this is the innovation that has made MacGregor’s invention so important and influential. This could well map the future direction of the solar power industry as well, so there could be exciting times ahead.

Split System Tank

Growth is Expected

Growth is expected in the market over the next six years, with a rise of more than 8% expected. It is believed that much of this growth is going to surround the influx of businesses, particularly in the medical sector, getting involved in the world of solar hot water systems. There is also talk of endeavours to try to reduce the GHG discharges that occur, and other sustainable advances are also being considered. There are a lot of changes that are being talked about for the future of the market, and how many of these will actually unfold that way is anyone’s guess.

The world of solar water heating systems is growing at a rapid rate, as more and more households embrace its technology. We are all understanding how important it is to get involved in renewable energy and make sure we have devices and systems in our homes to help with this. Things like solar power and energy-efficient lighting are another couple of ideas for excellent solar systems. But it’s clear that solar hot water systems rank among the best when it comes to saving money and being energy efficient.