People love the idea of going green by using solar power. But many homeowners aren’t quite sure of the benefits of solar systems like solar hot water or don’t quite know whether it’ll work for their home. How do you know if solar hot water is worth it? Read this handy blog post to find out whether it is right for you and your home.

Can My House Use Solar Hot Water?

You don’t need to have a huge roof space available for the evacuated tubes solar hot water system, which is created by two fused glass tubes with a central copper pipe connected to a circulation pump and water tank below. Although these are more efficient, don’t need the sunlight, and are also compact, they are traditionally more expensive than other models. The flat plate collection model is a form of solar hot water that works by heating copper pipes connected to a water tank. It is cheaper but requires initial space for the pipes and the storage water tank. Before purchasing, make sure your boiler is compatible with solar hot water.

Solar Hot Water Protects The Planet

You’ll be protecting the environment with your eco-friendly, renewable heating system that will diminish your CO2 emissions and give you a lower carbon footprint as an added bonus. As sunlight is entirely natural, too, there are no greenhouses gases produced, which means your heating system will cause 0% air pollution.

One Initial Investment Followed By Reduced Spending

Sunlight isn’t just natural, it’s free, so after the initial investment, you could find your heating costs are up to 80% less than before as the system works all year round. You’ll have hot water round the clock, with significantly reduced heating needed over the winter months. Those savings will add up over time and mean you recoup the costs of your initial investment.

Little Maintenance Required

Solar water heaters also traditionally fairly easy to maintain, so you don’t have to encounter unforeseen expenditure and avoid the worry of something going wrong or breaking. The system can survive without repair for up to two decades if they are correctly maintained by a trained professional providing basic upkeep every few years.

Quiet And Out Of The Way

Heating systems can often be cranky and noisy in homes, but all of your solar water heating takes place above your home, and is out of the way and far quieter than other systems. Although with a flat plate collection system, you’ll need to have the initial roof space available, ultimately you won’t be using that space for anything else, and you’ll save wall space in your home as a result.

So Is It Worth It?

If you can afford evacuated tubes or accommodate the space (and see the sun) for flat plate collection, and your boiler integrates into a solar hot water system, it is absolutely worth it. After the initial fee, you can immediately recoup the costs of your investment and enjoy a system that’s essentially free to run and easy to maintain.

If you’re still unsure if solar hot water is worth it, speak to our friendly team of experts at King Solarman today for a free quote and to discuss the best options for you and your house.