Everyone has a hot water system in their house, and we rely on them for a lot of our day to day needs. But how can you be sure it’s working properly? What signs do you need to look out for, that indicate some maintenance is needed? We’ve listed out the most common, and potentially worrying, below.

You’re Hearing Some Strange Noises

This is one of the first things you’ll notice about your hot water system, if it’s in need of some care and attention. If you turn on the hot water, and have it running out of the tap waiting for the water to heat up, keep an ear out for creaking sounds.

They’ll be quite distinct in tone, but you might need the surrounding area to be quiet. And if you do in fact hear some creaking, or even what sounds like a slight thudding, be sure to get in touch with a professional servicing company.

There’s Rusting or Leaking

These are both very common problems that’ll indicate if your hot water system needs maintenance. Rusting can be very easy to spot, and it’ll require no more effort from you than simply turning on your tap and seeing what water comes out of it. Is the water coming out of the tap brown in colour, or even has bits of sediment coming out with it? This is a sign of a build up in your hot water system, or even rusting along the bottom.

A leaking hot water system, or a solar hot water system, can be a real cause for concern, but you might not even know a leak is occurring until no hot water will come up through the tap at all. Even the smallest of leaks can soon turn into a big problem; thankfully, you can easily identify if your tank is leaking, and where from, if you’re paying attention.

Check your pipes first of all – are there any visible leaks around the house? No? Then it’s coming from the pipes feeding into your hot water system.

There’s No Consistent Water Pressure

Water pressure can be a great indicator for whether or not your hot water system is in need of maintenance. The next time you take a shower, watch out for how the water rushes out of the showerhead.

Is it fast and steady at one point, but then cuts and suddenly resumes, or starts to trickle out, despite having the pressure set to high? It’s time to call out a maintenance service, because it could be a chance your water valve has gone bust.

The Water Just Won’t Heat Up

You’ve spent a good 10 minutes in front of a tap, waiting for the hot water to start running, but still nothing is coming. This could be a big problem for you and your household, and most likely, one of the signs you’ll notice first. After all, how are you meant to shower and get to work, or make sure the kids are to school on time, if there’s absolutely no hot water in your household?

Even if you have solar hot water systems in your home, there’s a chance that at one point, the water just won’t heat up. For a solar system, that could be an issue with the solar gain itself, and might need some external work doing.

However, if you have a standard hot water system, this could be a problem with a temperature limiting device inside the system. You’ll know it if water never gets hot, or is lukewarm one moment and scalding hot the next – it’s important to get a problem like this sorted as soon as possible.

The Water Might Even Smell

Finally, are you getting water out of the tap that has a weird smell to it? Maybe it smells a little metallic? This is a real cause for concern, and is a surefire sign that your water heating system needs maintenance as soon as possible. Make sure you do not drink bad smelling water, or if you have in the past and noticed a slightly iron tinged taste to it, make sure you get on the phone to a repair person immediately.

Your hot water system is going to need maintenance from time to time, and it’s key to know the signs involved. Some are more serious than others, but they can all be a cause for concern. Make sure you’re paying attention to how your water heating system works for a happier home.