maintenance-help-repairsAfter analysing the benefits of solar hot water systems, you decided to install one and help save the planet. Thanks to this renewable energy source, your home and family’s carbon footprint are lower and fewer greenhouse gases are released into the air. Plus, solar helps to save energy in the house, which is often misused or abused.

Unfortunately, going green is no good if the system frequently breaks down. Not only will your home’s CO2 footprint stay the same, but the fixes will cost you a significant sum in the long run. Solar hot water repairs are by no means cheap.

Thankfully, you can prevent expensive solar hot water repairs with regular maintenance that negate the most common types of breakdowns.

Solar Hot Water Systems

Mostly, there are two types: ones that use flat plate collectors, and others with evacuated tubes.

Flat Plate Collectors

Systems with flat plate collectors are standard because they are cheaper, easy to install and simple to fix. So, what’s the problem? Well, it’s down to the fact that it doesn’t work well in windy conditions. As the cold air passes over the device, it can remove the heat so that the water doesn’t get to suitable temperatures.

They also don’t perform in freezing temperatures as they lose heat quicker.

Evacuated Tubes

Evacuated tubes are better in windy conditions as they have more insulation. However, they are more fragile and don’t tend to stand the test of time. As far as solar hot water repairs go, these systems tend to have the most issues.

How To Maintain Your Solar System

Everyone wants to cut their water heating bill by three-quarters, which is why you should know the industry’s best hacks.

Add Insulation

Evacuated tubes work better in windy conditions relative to flat plate collectors because they have more insulation. As a result, the system doesn’t waste heat. Increasing the insulation should cut heat loss even further and stop the pipes from freezing over in cold, non-sunny conditions.

Remove Shading

Shading significantly impacts your system’s efficiency levels. Therefore, it has to work harder to produce the same amount of hot water and that causes breakages. Check the area, including the neighbour’s garden, for plants, shrubs or trees that block the sun’s rays during the late morning and early afternoon.

And Soiling

Dust and dirt have the same effects as shading. If you don’t suffer from vertigo and it’s safe, get a cloth and some cleaning solution and wipe away any build-up of grime.

Check The Storage Tank

Tanks can crack and leak, and some have been known to rust and corrode. Regular checks for signs of damage will ensure the system doesn’t power up with a massive flaw and obliterate the mechanics.

What Does Regular Maintenance Do?

Obviously, it keeps the system running efficiently and stops you from using lots of expensive, excess energy. If you want to get technical, regular maintenance ensures the copper pipes in the flat plate collectors are catching the sun’s rays and warming the water inside the tank. For devices with evacuated tubes, frequent checkups make sure the pipe stays connected to a slow-flow pump that pushes water into a storage tank. King Solarman’s technicians always ensure the system is running at full capacity so that there are zero nasty surprises, too.

It’s also worth factoring in small problems. Often, they escalate out of control and morph into costly solar hot water repairs. Hiring an expert team to analyse the system will alert you to any issues so that you can take action. For example, if you realise your system is breaking down due to constant use, you can supplement your energy needs with a tankless gas booster.

Because the boost only happens when you use the taps, you won’t waste any energy and you’ll have a reliable backup in case of emergencies. When a 75% cut in your monthly water heating expenses is on the table, it’s well worth scheduling fixes ahead of time.

Flat Or Evacuated: Which One Should You Choose?

There is only one winner, and it’s evacuated tubes. Although they do require more frequent repairs, they are more durable than flat plate collectors. Plus, tubes are cheaper to fix if something does go wrong.

As a result, they work more efficiently and consistently and save homeowners more money in the long-term. Yes, the upfront cost is higher, but it pays itself off within a couple of years.

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