If you have no hot water, then I certainly hope it is not the middle of winter!  Getting your water heater restored will be a top priority and here’s a guide of what you can check and troubleshoot yourself before calling a tradesman.

1. Check the circuit breaker

If you have an electric hot water system, heat pump or solar hot water system, check that the circuit breaker is in the on position or that the circuit has not tripped.  The circuit breaker is usually located at the meter box.  Without this being turned on, electricity cannot be supplied to the hot water system.


2.  Check the internal booster switch

If you have a thermosiphon (roof mounted) solar hot water system, you may have an internal booster switch installed within your home.  This booster switch could be located anywhere within the home including the garage, laundry, kitchen, bathroom, hallway or even the bedroom and has a light on the switch.  When the light is on this indicates that electricity is being provided to the hot water system for those rainy and overcast days.  It may just be a flick of this switch to restore hot water.


3. Check the pilot light

If you have a gas hot water system, ensure the pilot light is lit.  If it is not on, light it according to the manufacturers specifications.


 4.  Check the controller for error codes

If you have a heat pump, the control panel will let you know what the temperature in the tank is.  Check this control panel for any error codes and follow the manufacturers instructions to clear.

If you have a solar hot water split system (with the tank on the ground), check that the circulation pump is plugged into the power point and turned on.  Without this plugged in and activated, solar is unable to function.  In addition, check the controller on the pump station for error codes, or red lights which indicates that there is an error on the unit which may prevent supply of hot water.


5. Check for any leaks or noises coming from the tank

If you notice any leaks or strange noises coming from the tank, this may explain why there is a shortage of hot water.  Any water leaking from the base, top or from the seam of the tank could indicate that the tank may require immediate replacement.


What Next?  Do I need a Plumber or an Electrician?

After you have checked all of the above and if you still have hot water, it’s time to call in a tradesman.  But who do you call, a Plumber or an Electrician?  Here is a guideline of potential issues and the appropriate professional to call.

Plumbing Issues
  1. Hot water is present at the tank (determined by lifting the relief valve), but not at the taps.  This could indicate a possible valve, pipework or tap issue.
  2. There are leaks from valves or from the tank.   Valve or tank replacement may be required.
  3. The solar controller has an error light.
  4. The solar pump is not circulating.
  5. If the hot water tank is old and hasn’t been properly maintained, it might be time for a replacement.

In these cases, a plumber would be the appropriate professional to call.

Electrical Issues

1. The circuit breaker keeps tripping.  This could indicate a faulty element, thermostat or circuit breaker.

2. The water is not heating and is not hot at the tank (determined by lifting the relief valve).

In these cases, an electrician would be the appropriate professional to call.


At King Solar Man, our technicians are plumbers and gasfitters with heat pump and solar endorsement and hold electrical licences allowing the tradesman to fix all issues in the one service call regardless of whether its plumbing related or electrical related.  We are even fortunate to have a tradesman on board who holds a full plumbing licence and a full electrical licence. Find out more about how we can help you or get in touch with your questions. Call 0416 075 682 or Contact Us HERE.