Solar water systems are growing in popularity precisely because of how effective and efficient they can be. However, like every other utility system in the home, they can suffer damage and deteriorate over time. Repairs and replacements are essential, but what is the turning point that shows that professional help is necessary? Here, we’re going to look at some of the signs that you’re in need of a certified repair person from hot water specialists like King Solar Man.

You can’t remember the last time that you had your solar hot water system serviced

Like all utilities, your solar hot water system suffers wear-and-tear over time. This can due to corrosion, scaling, or the simple degradation of parts due to repeated use. When was the last time you replaced or serviced your solar hot water system? The majority of systems have a lifespan of ten years. If it has been longer since you had it looked at, or if you’re approaching the ten-year mark, it’s time to have it looked at more closely. At eight years’ old, most solar hot water systems start to deteriorate, so this is the prime time to see whether it needs a repair or replacement.

It’s not working as efficiently as it used to

When you first install a solar hot water system, the difference it can make is immediately noticeable. Hot water is produced and replenished at a fantastic rate. When this is no longer the case, it’s time to call a repair person. Some signs it’s not working effectively include:

  •         Water is taking longer to heat up
  •         Hot water runs out more quickly
  •         It takes longer to reheat
  •         It doesn’t heat up as much as it used to
  •         It doesn’t heat up at all

The longer it takes to highlight the issue, the worse your solar hot water system can get. A professional can highlight whether you’re in need or repairs or a replacement in no time.

You can spot leaks around the system

Leaking water can be tremendously bad for your solar hot water system. Not only can it damage and corrode the components of the system, but it can cause damage to the home around it as well. As soon as you spot any leaks, or signs of leaks like mould, mildew or a musty smell, it’s time to call a qualified repair person. Some of the most common places for leaks are the outlet and inlet connections around the pressure valves as well as around the main tank itself. A leak is dangerous for you and your family, not just your hot water. If mould is allowed to grow unchecked, it can cause or exacerbate serious health conditions like asthma.

You can hear odd sounds from your solar hot water system

If you start to recognize any new sounds from your solar hot water system, you should arrange to have it serviced as soon as possible. Sounds like popping, clicking, hissing, banging, and cracking should not be coming from the system at all and are a sign that something might have gone seriously wrong inside it. Where these sounds come from and what is causing them can all be quickly divined by a certified solar hot water repair person who knows where to look.

Don’t forget the need for maintenance

Besides the signs and symptoms that you might need a professional repair person, you should also be aware that all solar hot water systems need routine maintenance and care. These are the preventive checks and procedures that can keep it healthier for longer. Invest in maintenance and you’re less likely to need repairs down the line.

Routine maintenance from a licensed repair person includes a periodic inspection of some of the most crucial parts of the system, like the collectors, plumbing, ductwork, wiring, support structures and rooftop penetrations to highlight any potential issues. Draining the collector and using antifreeze solutions can stop your solar hot water system from freezing as the months get colder, while there are also services to prevent scaling and corrosion. King Solar Man can create a full maintenance plan to ensure your solar hot water system stays in good health for longer.

Don’t delay if any of the signs above apply to your solar hot water system

As soon as you spot or hear any of the signs above, it’s time to give King Solar Man a call. Our customer service team is available 24/7 for both routine servicing and emergency repairs from our broad network of experienced, certified repair persons. Don’t delay, it might cost you a lot more if you let any of these symptoms go unchecked.