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How do You Know if You Need Solar Hot Water Repairs

Solar water systems are growing in popularity precisely because of how effective and efficient they can be. However, like every other utility system in the home, they can suffer damage and deteriorate over time. Repairs and replacements are essential, but what is the turning point that shows that professional help is necessary? Here, we’re going to look at some of the signs that you’re in need of a certified repair person from hot water specialists like King Solar Man.

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6 Things About Solar Hot Water That You May Not Have Known


If you’re looking for ways to make your home greener or perhaps to save money, installing a solar hot water system is a great idea. A solar hot water system uses energy from the sun to heat water, which helps you to reduce your reliance on conventional water heating systems. They can be a great choice for your home or perhaps for your business. You might be considering a solar hot water system if you’re hoping to reduce your carbon footprint or perhaps lower your bills. Before you invest in one, here are some things that you should know.

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Sun Ray Qld Pty Ltd – In Liquidation – Spare Parts are Available!

Sun Ray Qld Pty Ltd has gone into liquidation as at 23 February 2018.

As their ex service agent, we carry all spare parts for Sun Ray systems – both Thermosiphon or Split Systems.

We have spare parts available and can supply and install these.

If you’re looking for elements, thermostats, valves including frost valves, just give us a call on 0416 075 682!




Need a New Shower Head? Get this Kohler Flipside Supplied and Installed for $175

Need a new shower head?  Well checkout this quality Kohler Flipside shower head.

4 Spray options:Kohler Flipside Shower Head

  • Koverage – traditional, soothing spray;
  • Kotton – dense, soft relaxing spray;Kohler Shower Head - 4 Stages
  • Exhilirating, drenching spray;
  • Kurrent – targeted massage spray

Simply flip the pivoting head on its axis to change spray function.  Each spray is adjustable for different user heights and its simple and easy to use for all ages.

3 star rating at 8.5 litres per minute.

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Electric Hot Water System – A New Installation – What’s Included in the Price?

Okay, so your current electric hot water system has died and it’s time for another one!  You’re hunting around for the best price but not sure if you’re comparing apples with apples or apples with oranges.

We can supply you with a new tank and/or valves or you can supply your own.  Either way, here’s what we include with our standard electric hot water system installations:

  • All plumbing including installation of new valves – tempering valve, isolation valve, cold water expansion valve, pressure limiting valve, temperature and pressure relief valve (this valve is usually supplied with the tank);
  • Tank base – concrete ripple slab, pizza base or polyslab;
  • Electrical disconnection and reconnection;
  • Pipework insulated – in accordance with the current Australian Plumbing Standards;
  • Overflow – run into stormwater drain or sewer drain or into a gravel pit in accordance with the current Australian Plumbing Standards;
  • Removal and disposal of old system;
  • Plumbing Form 4 submission;

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Solar Hot Water Thermosiphon System Falling Off Roof – Westlake

Recently we received a phone call from a lovely lady from Westlake who reported that her solar hot water tank was falling off the roof.  So after an emergency visit, this is what we arrived to!  We can see why she was a little panicked!

Systems can be ripped off the roof due to storm damage or simply from poor installation.  However, we were pleased that we were able to stop the tank and collectors from actually falling into the customers pool and causing further damage.  We swapped her damaged Conergy solar hot water system out with a Sun Ray solar hot water system.

The Sun Ray system is a stainless steel tank and comes with a 10 year warranty on tank and collectors.

It's going to fall!
It’s going to fall!
The new Sun Ray system!
The new Sun Ray system!

Heat Pumps – The Noise Factor

Noise levels are an important consideration to take into account when buying a Heat Pump.  I frequently get asked the question of how noisy are heat pumps?  Is it okay to install one outside my bedroom window?  Will it keep me awake at night?

Heat Pump noise levels are determined by dBA (decibels).  To understand how loud a heat pump is, we need to reference decibel levels.

  • 10 dBA  –  A pin dropping;
  • 30 dBA  –  Whisper;
  • 50 dBA  –  Light traffic; most commonly a refrigerator operates at this level;
  • 60 dBA  – Conversational speech; most commonly an air conditioner operates at this level.

Some common heat pumps are listed below.  According to the manufacturer their systems operate on the following dBA levels.

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