Are you searching for a way to make your home or property greener and more eco-efficient? There are lots of possibilities on the market that allow you to do this and each bring different advantages. However, one of the best options is certainly solar water. With solar water, energy is used from the sun to provide hot water for your home, business or property. Solar water has become incredibly popular as of late for a variety of reasons which we will discuss. You might think that your home needs to be in a certain location for a solar hot water set up to benefit you. The reality, however, is that this isn’t true at all and solar hot water systems can be great for everyone.

So, let’s look at the advantages that you can gain by incorporating a setup like this into your home.

Big Rebates

One of the biggest financial benefits is certainly the rebates that you can take advantage of. Rebates are often provided on any installation or set ups that can benefit the environment and reduce energy usage. Solar hot water systems certainly fit the bill here and tick off both boxes. That’s why with these systems, you can expect the biggest rebates. This is important as a lot of business owners and homeowners are put off the idea of these systems and installations because of the cost. But the rebates make it all worth it. For instance, the Business Energy and Water Program, provides Australian Capital Territory businesses rebates to invest in water-efficient and energy efficient Tech.


Great Savings On Energy

Of course, rebates may just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the financial benefits of getting solar hot water systems for your home or business. These systems allow you to gain from 100% renewable power sources. This means that once you invest, you can look forward to substantially lower energy bills. Indeed, a lot of days through the year you’ll find that the system can take the full weight of the energy it takes to provide hot water to your home or business. This is going to be particularly useful during periods when hot water is used more such as the winter months.

Many people think that solar power only operates effectively if it’s a hot day outside. This is not the case at all. Whenever the sun is in the sky, you will see big benefits from your solar hot water system. A lot of systems are also capable or conserving and keeping energy stored which means that you can also benefit from these systems during the night as well.

There may be times when your energy usage exceeds what the system can support. However, even then, you will find that the cost is still reduced because the hot water installation will be covering the majority of the cost. Ultimately, then regardless of the time of the year or your energy usage, you can look forward to massive savings.


Going Green

Of course, it brings more than just a financial benefit to your home. By investing in a solar water system, you will be able to greatly reduce your level of C02 emissions. You might be wondering how much your carbon footprint is impacted by your hot water cost. Well, shockingly, on average hot water amounts to 30% of your homes electricity bill and domestic water heating is the greatest single generator of greenhouse gas emissions. So, if you want to do your part to help save the planet, this could certainly be your way forward. With solar hot water, you can rely on renewable energy and immediately take a large chunk out of the harmful emissions products by your home. This is particularly true if the hot water in your home is also used to heat your property. If this is the case, then your energy from heating will be causing a massive level of carbon emissions. With a system like this, you can prevent that.


Bringing New Value To Your Home

Looking again at financial benefits, it’s worth pointing out that these type of systems can improve the value of your home. A lot of people look for ways to increase home value because they see it as a smart investment opportunity. It can be, but unfortunately, owners tend to focus on the wrong areas. This means that, rather than investing in practical benefits, they make cosmetic changes to the home. It’s true that you can gain a lot of value to your home by investing in a new bathroom or kitchen remodel. However, surveys now suggest that customers are far more interested in practical benefits when they look at homes they want to buy.

Indeed, a large percentage of homebuyers are keen to find a green friendly home. They want a modern place that provides an alternate energy  or renewable energy resource. With solar hot water systems, that’s exactly what you can offer to them. The other thing to be aware of is that these installations haven’t fully been embraced by homeowners. They are still a rare change to homes on the market. As such, they can be a brilliant USP when you choose to sell and are looking for a great asking price.


Cheaper To Install

You might think that these type of systems are expensive to install. But actually, that’s not true anymore. Modern tech can be easy to put on your home and saves a lot of manpower. You won’t have to worry about an expensive starting bill when you make this type of investment and instead the costs can be kept completely under control with no issues at all. You will often be able to receive a free quote for your property and be informed exactly how much the cost is going to be before you make a commitment. That’s fantastic because by doing this, you can then make sure that it does fit into your budget.


Less Space

Other people are worried about this type of investment because of the space it takes up on the roof or the changes that need to be made to the home. However, solar hot water systems can be quite compact and look remarkably chic when added to any home. It’s a rather modern and does provide a certain level of style. As well as this, the low levels of space needed mean that less changes need to be made to your home.



Finally, you might be worried about the reliability of these systems. However, you will be pleased to hear that these systems will never fail you. If the sun rises, then you can bet your solar hot water system will work a wonder and provide the big benefit you need. Even if it doesn’t completely cover your usage, you’ll still be able to fall back on your electric system or unit.

We hope this helps you understand the massive benefits of solar hot water. It’s not just energy saving or a green-friendly option, it will also lead to big bonuses for your finances in a variety of different ways. The important thing to remember is that this is a long-term investment and it will have an impact on the future of your property. That’s what you must consider when you look at the cost of the installation, but even that is probably lower than you’d expect. While there are certainly factors to think about before you make this change, you’ll find that the pros more than outweigh the cons.