King Solar Man is a leading provider of solar hot water systems in Australia. These systems help people to heat their homes more cheaply using the sun’s limitless energy and free themselves for their reliance on fossil fuels. The technology for solar heating systems is far better than it once was and it’s improving all the time, making solar hot water an evermore viable option.

If you have thought about switching your home’s energy systems to a more environmentally friendly option, then read on. King Solar Man has been servicing Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast for years, bringing a wealth of experience and insight into the best solutions for solar heating your home. In this article we take an in-depth look at the solar options that drive them.

ROOF MOUNTED SOLAR HOT WATER HEATERSolar Hot Water Thermosiphon System

If you want a heat source for your water that is discrete, efficient, affordable, and environmentally friendly, then a roof mounted solar hot water heater could be the answer. These heaters are simple and effective, utilising the sun’s abundant rays to heat your hot water on the roof, creating more space in your home.

So how does it work? The roof mounted solar heater uses the Thermosiphon Principle to make use of the sun’s energy. The principle says that dark objects absorb heat, and water rises. So the roof solar heaters are built with a dark surface to absorb the sun’s rays and heat up the water in the collectors. The heated water displaces the colder water and rises to the top.

The roof mounted solar heater is a wonderfully environmental friendly way to save money on your energy bills and heat your home efficiently. This solar system reduces your reliance on conventional heating systems and fossil fuels. However, an electrical booster is still hooked up as a backup for those overcast and rainy days.


There aren’t many reasons not to choose a solar heating system these days. The advantages are clear in terms of cost and environmental improvement. One reason people choose to install split systems over other systems is due to limited roof space, unsuitable roof structure, avoids unsightly tanks on the roof and can easily replace existing standard electric hot water systems and connect to existing plumbing and electrical.

Solar Hot Water Split System

A split system solar hot water heater is one of those options. If you don’t want to install a tank on the roof you can split the system instead. The solar collectors on the roof have a low profile that integrates well with your roof and isn’t very visible. The holding tank is placed at ground level and can be easily concealed out of sight. The backup element will kick in automatically on those rainy and cloudy days.


With a traditional solar water heater the sun’s energy is converted directly into hot water via the collectors. While this is an industry standard and a very viable option for most people, there are some issues, occasionally. If there is no north or western facing roof for the collectors for instance, they may not pick up enough sun energy.  If the current roof space is occupied with solar electricity panels, there may not be enough room to install collectors.Enviroheat Heat Pump

In these instances a heat pump water heater is a better option. The solar heat pump uses technology to extract heat from the air and converts it into hot water. How does it do this? In short, it uses a refrigerant in the system. This liquid is turned into a gas by the surrounding warm air which is then compressed to create more heat for the water in the tank.

The heat pump water heater is very easy to install and can be linked up with existing plumbing and electrical systems in the home. This gives you an energy boost for your home, saves you money in the long run and offers a contemporary environmentally friendly heating system for your home.


Australia is one of the sunniest regions on the planet, receiving almost year round sunshine and consistently warm air. There’s not much to complain about there, and furthermore, it means Australians can take full advantage of this free and abundant energy source that saves you money and protects the planet.

Broadly, there are three environmentally friendly solar systems to choose from. You can have a roof mounted solar system, a split system, or a heat pump. Each option will provide you with hot water for your home free from fossil fuel use. However the system you decide on will be determined by your objectives, and your environmental conditions. When you’re ready contact King Solar Man for a quote.