solar-hot-water-save-moneyWhen households consider green and renewable energy solutions, many opt for solar electricity panels to tackle their electricity needs. You might think that using solar panels could reduce your water heating costs. Indeed, you can convert solar energy into electricity to heat your household water. However, the system is not energy efficient. 

So instead, you might want to consider investing in a specialist solar hot water solution, which can directly convert solar energy into heat energy. Understandably, solar and heat pump systems are an additional investment. The Australian government can pay a portion of your investment back through their green incentive scheme. So, we appreciate that you might want to compare your options to make sure the system can benefit your household. 

How can I save money through solar hot water? 

According to the Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW, a solar hot water system can cut your water heating cost by three-quarters compared to gas boilers or electric storage heaters.

They essentially work by collecting solar energy and transferring it into heat energy. To do so, solar hot water solutions use a hot water collector, which receives the heat. There are two types of hot water collectors:

  • Evacuated Tubes
  • Flat Plate Collectors

You can read more about how each system can work to save your valuable costs in a previous blog post. Collectors are used with a solar hot water tank, which can be installed as a standalone or roof-mounted system. 

Why you need a solar hot water specialist to save money

Choosing the wrong system for your home could significantly affect your savings. Indeed, the size of your system will determine its efficiency.  Typically, the bigger your flat plate collector is, the more efficient it will be, and therefore, the most cost it will save. The same principle applies to evacuated tube systems: The more evacuated tubes you have, the more efficient the system will be. 

At King Solar Man, we are experts in solar hot water solutions. We can advise on the best system for your household, based on:

  • Your water needs
  • Your location
  • Your roof size
  • Your property structure
  • Your budget

What could reduce solar hot water savings?

Choosing an inadequate system could affect your savings in many ways. 

We appreciate that the aesthetic factor can play a significant role in your choice. Households that seek a low profile and barely noticeable system prefer flat plate collectors.  However, if your roof space is too small, you may not be able to install enough flat plate collectors to heat your water tank efficiently. For instance, you would need a minimum of two 2m x1m plates to heat a water tank. Ideally, you want to have sufficient space to install highest efficiency collectors.

On the other hand, evacuated tubes can be suited for smaller roof areas due to the small and compact footprint.  However, they are more prone to breakage over time. Households will need to consider maintenance and repair costs more frequently than flat plate collectors. It’s something you want to keep up to maintain the full efficiency of your solar hot water system. 

How to maximise savings with solar hot water systems?

We strongly recommend auditing your household to identify decisive factors that could affect your costs and savings. King Solar Man is committed to helping you optimise the benefits of your installation. That’s why we focus on identifying the best system for your unique situation. 

We also recommend the introduction of cost-efficient hot water habits. Long showers, for instance, will require more water, and therefore you will need more heat energy more often. 

Another consideration is your preferred water temperature. Indeed, according to research commissioned by Brighter, 20% of the population prefer to take a piping hot shower in the morning. Almost a quarter of the population showers twice a day. Did you know that reducing your shower temperature by only a few degrees could save costs and energy in the long term? 


In conclusion, the right advice and household habits could present valuable money advantages for households. If you wish to find out more or discuss the best options for your solar hot water system, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.