difference-solar-and-electrical-water-systemsEvery home needs a hot water system, but which type is the best one to use? 

Today, we’re going to cover two different types of water systems: solar and electrical. How do both of these systems work? How do they differ? And which one would be the wisest choice for your home? 

What is a solar water system?

There’s every chance you’ve heard of solar water systems as they are growing in popularity throughout Australia. However, are you aware of what they are and how they work?

The basis of a solar water system is that it uses solar energy to heat your water. As a result, you are effectively getting hot water without creating greenhouse gas emissions. It is a far more environmentally-friendly way of heating your water supply at home. 

How do solar water systems work?

Contrary to what you might believe, a solar hot water system doesn’t involve using traditional solar panels and then heating the water with the electricity that those panels generate. 

Instead, flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes are used to heat water by direct sunlight. Flat plate collectors are rectangular shaped and get installed on your roof. There’s a glass cover on top and various heat absorbing tubes inside. These tubes are made from copper and will contain cold water. As the plate absorbs solar energy, it heats the water inside the copper tubes and sends it down to your storage tank. 

Evacuated tube systems will use fused glass tubes that form a vacuum, with a copper pipe running through the centre. The tubes will absorb heat from solar radiation, transferring it to the copper tube that heats cold water and sends it to your storage tank. 

So, both systems have the same idea, they are just installed differently and use different components. 

What is an electrical water system?

An electrical water system is much simpler to understand. In essence, you have a hot water tank that is fuelled by electricity. It’s the exact same as a storage tank gas unit, only your home uses electricity instead of gas to heat the water inside the tank and then use it in your kitchen or bathrooms. 

There is a benefit to using electrical water systems over traditional gas ones; they tend to offer more energy efficiency. 

Solar Hot Water CollectorsWhich water system is better?

When comparing an electrical water system to a solar one, there seems to be a clear winner. 

Solar hot water systems have way more benefits than electrical ones. The only downside is that you need to install the system or collectors on top of your roof. However, this is a small price to pay when you consider the advantages of going solar: 

  • Save money every month – Your energy bill will decrease significantly if you are using solar energy to heat your water. It means that you are basically getting hot water for free, without needing to use any gas or electricity!
  • Save the environment – Of course, you will significantly reduce your home’s carbon footprint with a solar water system. You decrease carbon emissions from your property, making it a greener place. 
  • Avoid rising energy costs – With energy costs rising all the time, using a solar system will give you a buffer against the increased costs. Again, this means you save even more money in this tricky financial climate. 
  • Low maintenance systems – Solar water systems require barely any maintenance and can last a good 15 years. Even when you do need to maintain them, they don’t cost much money to look after at all. 

Fundamentally, there are so many benefits of solar water systems that make them an excellent investment for you and your home. 

So, if you want to save money and save the environment, a solar system is definitely the better choice over an electrical hot water system. Of course, you need to ensure that you get your system installed by seasoned professionals with lots of knowledge on solar hot water systems. 

Thankfully, King Solar Man is here to help you. We’re the experts in solar hot water installations in Australia, so feel free to get in touch if you’d like to learn more. We’ll explain more about how these systems work and the benefits you’ll get from installing one. Contact us via our website or by giving us a call to get the ball rolling!