Need a new shower head?  Well checkout this quality Kohler Flipside shower head.

4 Spray options:Kohler Flipside Shower Head

  • Koverage – traditional, soothing spray;
  • Kotton – dense, soft relaxing spray;Kohler Shower Head - 4 Stages
  • Exhilirating, drenching spray;
  • Kurrent – targeted massage spray

Simply flip the pivoting head on its axis to change spray function.  Each spray is adjustable for different user heights and its simple and easy to use for all ages.

3 star rating at 8.5 litres per minute.

We’ll supply and install this shower head for you for only $175 including GST.  This offer is only available to customers at the time of installing, repairing or servicing your hot water system.

And trust me, this is a bargain!  This shower head has been retailing at plumbing stores for $280, and that’s supply only!