Noise levels are an important consideration to take into account when buying a Heat Pump.  I frequently get asked the question of how noisy are heat pumps?  Is it okay to install one outside my bedroom window?  Will it keep me awake at night?

Heat Pump noise levels are determined by dBA (decibels).  To understand how loud a heat pump is, we need to reference decibel levels.

  • 10 dBA  –  A pin dropping;
  • 30 dBA  –  Whisper;
  • 50 dBA  –  Light traffic; most commonly a refrigerator operates at this level;
  • 60 dBA  – Conversational speech; most commonly an air conditioner operates at this level.

Some common heat pumps are listed below.  According to the manufacturer their systems operate on the following dBA levels.

  • Sanden – 38 dBA
  • Hydrotherm – 48 dBA.
  • Quantum – 48 dBA
  • Steibel Eltron – 49 dBA
  • Dux Airoheat  – 51 dBA.

You’ll note that most of the heat pumps are quieter than your refrigerator!

Whilst the noise levels are relatively low, you can expect that the heat pump will run during the night.  Therefore, the best advice we can offer you is to always avoid positioning the heat pump near bedrooms or neighbours’ bedrooms.  Even the smallest of sounds can wake you at night!

By Michelle Testa, King Solar Man