Okay, so your current electric hot water system has died and it’s time for another one!  You’re hunting around for the best price but not sure if you’re comparing apples with apples or apples with oranges.

We can supply you with a new tank and/or valves or you can supply your own.  Either way, here’s what we include with our standard electric hot water system installations:

  • All plumbing including installation of new valves – tempering valve, isolation valve, cold water expansion valve, pressure limiting valve, temperature and pressure relief valve (this valve is usually supplied with the tank);
  • Tank base – concrete ripple slab, pizza base or polyslab;
  • Electrical disconnection and reconnection;
  • Pipework insulated – in accordance with the current Australian Plumbing Standards;
  • Overflow – run into stormwater drain or sewer drain or into a gravel pit in accordance with the current Australian Plumbing Standards;
  • Removal and disposal of old system;
  • Plumbing Form 4 submission;


The above standard installation assumes that you will be placing the new system in the same position as the existing system. Our plumbers hold a restricted electrical licence allowing us to disconnect and reconnect your hot water system, so no need for two trades.

If your hot water system is inside your house, there may be a requirement for a safe tray and auto shut off valve to comply with the current Australian Plumbing Standards.  The safe tray and shut off valve will be charged at an additional cost.

If you’d like your system relocated from inside your laundry to the exterior of your house for example, additional charges will apply for the extension or relocation of both the plumbing and electrical.