Solar Hot Water Systems

We supply, install and service two main systems of Solar hot water:

Thermosiphon System (or hi-line system)

A thermosiphon system is where both the tank and collectors are mounted on the roof. Thermosiphon systems rely on a natural “thermosiphon” effect and do not require any pump system.  A distinct advantage of this system is no moving parts.  To install a roof mounted system, the roof structure must be suitable as there can be up to half a tonne of weight in a typical installation.  This is a fantastic system if ground space is limited.

Sun Ray Thermosiphon System Images

Split System (or lo-line system)

A Split System is where the tank is mounted on the ground and the collectors on the roof. Split systems rely on pumps to circulate the water through the system.  This system reduces structural load and visual impact on the roof.

Apricus Split System Images

Aestiva Split System Images

Which Thermosiphon System Do I Purchase?

There are many brands of Thermosiphon Systems.  We prefer to use Sun Ray systems.  These are stainless steel tanks and come with a 10 year warranty on tank and collectors and 5 years on labour, 2 years on elements, thermostats and valves, and 1 year on installation labour.  Because they are stainless steel means that they don’t have an anode.

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