Our tradies are genuine Jacks and Masters of the trade. 

Licensed in Plumbing, Gas and Electrical as well as being solar endorsed, we not only cut the cost of your hot water services, we save you money by sending one man to do it all.

Don't hire a plumber for a valve repair and an Electrician to change the thermostat, call King Solar Man to cover all your hot water repairs. 


P: 0416 075 682

E: info@kingsolarman.com.au

Ipswich, Toowoomba, Logan and both the Gold and Sunshine Coasts

ABN:  54 869 858 198

QBCC:  1271201 (Plumbing and Gas)

Electrical:  115486

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The most comprehensive Hot Water repair service in Brisbane

Not getting any hot water?
Hot water system is tripping out at the circuit breaker?  Hot water system is leaking? 
Do you have water leaking from the overflow pipe?  Booster is not working? 
Solar is not working? 
Pump not performing?
Solar hot water collector is smashed? 
Experiencing water leaking from the roof? 
Dog chewed the cables on my hot water system? 
Solar collectors dirty? ​
Due for a service?