See How Much You Can Save Off Your Bill.

Why Go SolarIf you were told that you could run your home or business on sunlight, would you believe it?

Solar energy is becoming more popular around the world because sunlight is available every day. It’s harnessed through photovoltaic cells, and this is what turns sunlight into electricity. Homeowners and business owners who are conscious about their carbon footprint and their efficiency often look into the merits of solar power, installing panels on the roofs of their home to take advantage of this new way to generate electricity.

All you need to know is why you should go solar, and how it can benefit you. Let’s take a look at nine reasons solar power could be for you.

Environmental Impact

Conventional sources of power produce harmful emissions that can be a burden on the environment. Solar energy isn’t just clean; it’s a renewable process that uses the most natural resource of all – our sun. Fossil fuels are responsible for almost 70% of consumed electricity in the US, and the resulting combustion isn’t good for our environment.

Solid Investment

Most of the home improvements that you would consider making, from the bathroom and kitchen to redoing the roof, won’t always include upgrades like solar panels. However, if you want to make home improvements that will add some value to your home, solar panels can make that difference. Solar energy saves you money every month, and in a challenging property market, solar panels can make all the difference to the chances of you selling your home later on.

Durable Systems

Solar panels don’t come with moving parts. This allows them to remain intact for longer, as they don’t get easily damaged, which in turn leads to less chance of service interruption. Given that they are extensively tested, solar panels are designed to withstand the onslaught of high winds, heavy rain and hail. They are strong, and even if in the rare event your solar panels did become damaged, most systems come with an extended warranty to cover the damage so that you’re not left out of pocket.

Make Some Cash

Did you know that your solar panels can make you cash? Not only are you making money back on your bills and solar hot water, but you can also look into the SREC market. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates are prepared for every megawatt-hour of solar electricity created, so if you have a solar energy system that generates more than you use, you can sell that energy back again – and at a premium. There are a variety of programs in different states, with the value of each SREC differing.

New Improvements

Have you considered installing a pool in your home? Up until now, you may not have thought about it being a possibility, but with solar panels installed and solar energy being used, you can design your home improvements with comfort in mind. Solar energy systems can be used to cover extra energy use as taken by a pool or even a hot tub, so one investment pays for the other. Add to that the money you’ll be saving each month on your energy bills, and you’ll be able to make those new improvements with ease. A renewable home energy system is the best home improvement that you can make, and you should consider how you can save on your monthly costs.

Fixed Energy Costs

Your current electricity provider can never guarantee a set price. There is always a surprise when you get a new energy bill higher than usual with no cause or effect visible. Consumers usually don’t have a choice but to pay out what the current price is, with no move toward a refund if it’s wrong. The cost for a solar panel installation on the home always stays the same, so if you choose to buy your solar panels in full, your energy will cost you nothing per month. The initial cost of the solar panels may seem steep, but the monthly cost sitting at $0 for your energy bills can sure make up for that!

It’s Yours – All Day Long

Solar power often gets a bad reputation for not being available all day, but it’s just not the case. There are no limits on the potential for your solar panels to generate energy, as solar panels are created by daylight, not direct sunlight. So, rain or shine, your panels will work to produce the energy that you need. The power that is accumulated in the morning and afternoon generates more electricity than you can use. Your solar provider will keep you connected so that the excess energy causes your utility meter to spin the other way.

This leads to a credit on your account so that you can then use the credited amount in the evening and at night without incurring extra costs. It doesn’t expire, and it doesn’t mean that you have to wait until daylight to wash the clothes or run the dryer. This common misconception is what stops people from installing solar energy, and it’s a myth that needs to be squashed!

It’s Trendy

The new Sun Ray system!

Is there anything cooler than literally harnessing the strength of the sun to power your home? Solar panels on the roof will soak up the rays of the sun, directing all that heat away from your roof. The panels act as shades to keep your home or business cool, and a roof that has no panels on top allows the heat to soak through to the building. You can save a ton of money while cooling the building that you’re in, and the fact that you are following a trend puts you on the map.

The Netherlands is a prime example of how cool solar power is, opening a solar road that produced 3,000kWH of energy. Did you know that this is enough to power a house – for a whole year?! Energy efficiency is a concern in the world that we live in today, and the application of solar power has no limit. You can have solar powered hot tubs, solar hot water, and even solar outdoor ovens. Realising that owning solar panels is cool is the first step to being on trend with solar systems installed in the home, and it’s important to be on trend when it’s also going to save the planet from the influx of fossil fuels.

Money’s Spent Either Way

You are going to spend your money regardless, so why not invest it in something that’s good for the environment? You can give your money to a utility provider to pay for your electricity, or you could spend it on solar energy panels. You’re going to let go of that money, so you should invest in yourself and go solar instead of paying unknown prices with a utility company. There’s no reason to be subject to fees, charges and requirements from a utility provider when you could be investing in your solar panels for your roof and have a monthly cost that shrinks to $0 per month.

When you take a step toward independence, you buy a home. Now, you can go one better and invest in solar panels that power your home from top to bottom with more freedom about where you spend your utility money. It makes such a statement about you and your home if you invest in solar panelling, and it can make a difference to the way that your neighbors think about you, too.